About us

Roxstar is a collection of swimwear inspired by the love of travel and exotic beaches. Roxstar encompasses the lifestyle of the ultimate beach chic girl. Combining on trend designs, unique prints, soft silky fabric, and seamless comfort, Roxstar is soon becoming a recognized brand.

Raised on the beaches of Mauritius and Durban, South Africa, Roxy grew up with the ocean in her backyard. Being blessed with a family of sun lovers, she spent most of her time in the salty water or on the beach in the sun. This olive skinned girl grew up in a bikini with sun kissed cheeks and sand between her toes. During the summer of 2011 she had an opportunity to travel to Thailand where her passion for fashion and swimwear was ignited. In October 2012 Roxstar was born.

Our concept is simple: fashionable, high quality swimwear at accessible prices. Celebrated by many style conscious and trend-savvy shoppers, Roxstar has quickly become the source for the most current of-the-moment swimwear at the greatest value. Roxstar is growing rapidly, featuring new and exciting designs every season.

Roxstar’s mission is to consistently provide high quality products at accessible prices through our designing, sourcing and manufacturing.

Roxstar’s vision is to be a lifestyle brand geared towards the passionately curious girl with a never-satiated thirst for seeing and experiencing the world. This vision is driven by four core values:

Quality – What we do, we do well

Collaboration – Leverage collective genius

Passion – Passionate about our brand, our products and our customers

Humility – Humility and hunger to learn and never underestimate our competition